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Underwriting, Production & Broadcast

Get your Message to Hard-to-Reach Latino Audiences!

Organizations can make a crucial contribution to Radio Bilingüe by underwriting our public radio programming. When a business or organization makes a financial contribution to Radio Bilingüe, they can receive on-air recognition or have Radio Bilingüe produce non-commercial on-air announcements about important activities, events or services. At Radio Bilingüe, we are deeply grateful to our underwriters for making our work possible.

Why Become an Underwriter?
● Community Development: Underwriting is a great way to let Radio Bilingüe’s audience know that you care about their future and the future of Latino-driven public radio.
● Association/Visibility: Radio listeners associate your organization with Radio Bilingüe – support for Radio Bilingüe says you support the community.

Production and Broadcast Contracts
Radio Bilingüe also offers production and broadcast contracts for public service messaging and other educational offerings, such as talk shows and radio dramas in Spanish, English, Mixteco and Triqui.

For our full network rates, click here and for more information on underwriting, production and broadcast partnerships, please contact associate development director Alison Kinney at akinney@radiobilingue.org.