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“Freedom doesn’t need wings, what it needs is to take root.” – Octavio Paz

Radio Bilingüe’s music programming is a celebration of our roots: music connects us to community, to family, it reveals the past while inspiring the future. From the traditional songs and oldies you love, to new music that crosses borders and breaks new ground, our roots run deep.

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Acento Sabroso
El Mitote
Electronic Trance-Mission
Gritos de Silencio
Mañanitas con Mariachi
Onda Tejana
Ritmos del Pueblo
Rockin' da House
Son del Caribe
Todo a Pulmón
Amanecer Norteño
Arriba el Norte
Música Internacional
Nuevo Canto
Cita con el Recuerdo
La Hora Mixteca
Música Folklórica
Música Popular del Recuerdo
Música Romántica Popular
Ritmos del Pueblo-Los Clásicos
Oldies But Goodies

Music Archive

Please note that musical audio recordings automatically become unavailable 14 days after broadcast due to licensing agreements.

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