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Mexico-US Guestworkers.

When Canada, the U.S. and Mexico signed NAFTA, they also signed labor accords and the receiving country agreed to provide the same labor protections to migrant workers as to viagra online real their national workers. Migrant rights groups have complained that farmworkers and fair and carnaval workers suffer unequal treatment and are often paid below […]

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The Battle to Raise Minimum Wage.

With corporate profits at a record high and the value of wages substantially falling, President Obama calls for a raise in the federal minimum wage. Thirty states are considering legislation to raise the minimum wage. Leading Democrats introduced a bill in the Senate to hike the minimum wage, which is opposed by congressional Republicans and […]

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Mexico Edition.

The Northwest’s Hydraulic Plan (PLHINO), which would inter-connect several rivers and build dams, would help put an end to conflicts about water, boost agriculture in the states of Sinaloa, Nayarit, Sonora and Baja California, and allow Mexico to regain food self-sufficiency, according to its architect Manuel Frias Alcaraz. He says the plan will bring over […]

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Salt of the Earth: Take Two.

As many in Silver City, NM, celebrate the 60th anniversary of the once banned film Salt of the Earth, original cast members join this program to share memories and reflect on the changes catalyzed by the legendary movie and the historic events captured by the filmmakers. The film portrays a real life strike of Chicano […]

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“Salt of the Earth” At Sixty.

On the 60th anniversary of the blacklisted film Salt of the Earth, unionists, scholars and Chicano activists mark the milestone with celebrations. The film portrays a real life strike of Chicano mine workers in New Mexico and the revolutionary role their wives played in the picket lines. Rosaura Revueltas, the Mexican actress who starred in […]

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ConnectED. Also, Restoring Net Neutrality.

President Obama announced a new initiative called ConnectED, designed to connect 99 per cent of students to the Internet through high-speed broadband and high-speed wireless within five years. The leader of this program shares details. Guest: Richard Culatta, Director, Office of Educational Technology and Lead on ConnectED Initiative, U.S. Department of Education, Washington, DC. Also, […]

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Immigration Reform Woes, Minimum Wage Hike.

One week after releasing standards for immigration reform, Republican congressional leaders refuse to schedule a vote and dismissed reform for this year. Meantime, Senate Republicans advance restrictive bills impacting immigrant youth, including one against child tax credit and one barring in-state tuition. Invited guests also comment on President Obama’s executive order to increase the hourly […]

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Schools Fill Telecom Void.

Spurred by the lack of service from telecom giants, rural schools in California’s Central Valley, created their own wireless network and broadband service and are now providing free or low-cost Internet to all students and their families, and transforming small agricultural cities into WiFi hubs. In addition, schools in the area are also arming students […]

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Agroecology in Mexico.

A growing movement of farmers and consumers in the Mexican state of Jalisco are bucking pesticides, transgenic seeds and the agro-industrial trend in favor of organic ways of growing food. They say that traditional ecological knowledge, the survival of native seeds, and the livelihood of farmers are at stake. Are they succeeding in their quest? […]

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Overcoming Abusive Relationships. Also, Wal-Mart Joins Pro-Farmworker Agreement.

A renowned Latina psychologist joins this edition to talk about the need to break the silence and isolation that grips women who are victims of domestic violence. Dr. Ana Nogales, founder and clinical director of Casa de la Familia, a non-profit organization that helps victims of human trafficking, domestic violence, sexual abuse and other crimes, […]

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