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Migrant Crab Workers.

Mexican migrant women who pick crab meat or peel crawfish and came to the U.S. as H-2B guest workers are often victims of misleading recruitment, long work days, without overtime pay nor regular breaks. Seafood suppliers for major retail giants rely on this temporary labor. Former migrant women who worked in the North Carolina crab […]

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Student Loans: Boon or Peril?

The costs of higher education have been transferred from the society to the student and federal policy changed from grants to loans, setting the stage for the current student debt crisis, says a prominent leader in higher education.  While Latino students don’t borrow more than the rest, they end up with more hardships to graduate […]

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Fair Pay for Guest Workers.

Mexican guest workers who were recruited and brought into the U.S. by landscaping giant TruGreen on H-2B visas have reached a settlement with the company. The plaintiffs complained that failing to reimburse travel and immigration-related expenses violated the federal Fair Labor Standards Act. Under the agreement, the national provider of landscape services will reimburse the […]

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Open Internet Debate Heats Up.

A growing battle is heating up after the Federal Communications Commission in the U.S. released proposed rules for net neutrality or Open Internet. Experts discuss key questions on the new rules that propose a two-tiered internet and suggest a reclassification of the internet as a public utility. Guests: Dr. Roberto Gallardo, Project Director, Southern Rural […]

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Worker Protections from Retaliation.

California is implementing new, groundbreaking laws to stop unscrupulous employers from retaliating against immigrant workers who report abuses such as wage theft or unsafe working conditions. These laws may bring some relief to vulnerable employees working in low-wage industries. Advocates give details of the state laws, federal laws and discuss specific cases of retaliation. Guests: […]

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Net Neutrality Rules.

After a court struck down the FCC Net Neutrality Rules, the FCC proposed a new set of rules for net neutrality or Open Internet, a principle that forbids telecom giants from blocking or gives special priority to certain websites and states that all Internet traffic should be treated equally. Consumer rights groups say the new […]

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Minimum Wage Raise.

U.S. Congress and several states are considering legislation to raise the minimum wage. The small business community is divided. Some leaders think hiking minimum wage kills jobs and hits economic output, while others say more money for workers means less poverty and more sales. In this edition, a business woman shares her successful experience raising […]

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Financial Literacy.

A leading expert in finances talks about how to earn, save, spend, and invest the money. He shares basic financial principles to create wealth and live a better life and cultural barriers that prevent us from making better financial choice. The guest gives advice on retirement plans, what to do with credit card debt and […]

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Farm Drought.

California, the leading agricultural producer, is experiencing one of the driest years on record and water shortages are harming farms and small towns. The farm drought has hit the San Joaquin Valley the hardest. Half a million acres are being fallowed, drinking water imperiled, and thousands of jobs are at risk. President Obama and Gov. […]

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High-speed Internet for Everyone.

Following on the steps of Houston, Los Angeles city officials are proposing to provide universal access to high-speed Internet to every resident and business. With 30 percent of the city not having access to Internet, city leaders are turning to the private sector for ideas on how to connect the entire city. An expert shared […]

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