Ending Zero Tolerance Practices.


This month, the White House unveiled the first ever national guidelines on school discipline, urging educators to get rid of zero-tolerance policies that harm students of color the most. Each year, high schools around the nation suspend two million students, mostly for minor offenses. Black and Latino students are the most suspended, expelled, or arrested by police due to a school complaint. White House officials say “racial discrimination in school discipline is a real problem.” How will the new guidelines translate into a better climate in the schools? How will they help solve the racial bias? A White House official and a community advocate discuss the plans.

Guests: Eric Waldo, Deputy Chief of Staff of Policy and Programs, U.S. Department of Education, Washington, DC, www.ed.gov ; Manuel Criollo, Director of Organizing, The Labor Community Strategy Center, Los Angeles, CA, http://www.thestrategycenter.org/


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