2014: The Year of Pre-school for All?


The new Mayor of New York is announcing plans for universal pre-K as part of a number of reforms to the local educational system, joining a handful of U.S cities that are making free pre-school programs more available to families. He appointed respected educator Carmen Fariña to head the city’s school system. Studies say that pre-schooling helps children succeed in school and graduate from high school. Still, pre-schools have been among the hardest hit by federal sequestration and state cuts. In this program, a top official delves into New York City’s plans to increase investing on childcare services and early childhood programs. Another analyst comments on federal and state efforts to open the doors of pre-K for four-year-olds.

Guests: Carmen Fariña, Chancellor, New York City, Department of Education, New York, NY ; Dr. Marlene Zepeda, Professor of Child Development, Department of Child and Family Studies, California State University, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA, http://web.calstatela.edu/academic/hhs/cfs/.

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