Jessie de la Cruz

 From left to right, second, Dolores Huerta. Third, Jessie de la Cruz

From left to right, second, Dolores Huerta, fourth, Jessie de la Cruz

This is an interactive interview with Jessie de la Cruz, an unsung heroine of the 1960’s farmworker movement. De la Cruz became one of the first female organizers for the United Farm Workers Union. In this live interview on the news/talk program Línea Abierta, De la Cruz talks about growing up as a migrant child during the Great Depression, her years as a farm worker toiling the fields in the San Joaquin Valley, joining the UFW in 1966 at the invitation of César Chávez, her recollection of the battles against growers, strike-breakers, police and vigilantes during La Huelga, and her efforts at owning cooperative farm land. This interview was aired to coincide with the release of her biographical book “Jessie de la Cruz: A Profile of a United Farm Worker,” written by Fresno poet Gary Soto. The conversation is hosted by Samuel Orozco. The following is an audio copy of the program.


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