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YouthTalk on Coping With Shelter At Home

Youth talk about what to do to deal with their mental health during this time of covid19. Guest: Ana Mora-Heredia, Psychiatric Social Work, Monterey Health Department, Dept. Special Education Hosts: Diana, Roco, Everardo, Jimena, and Jair

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Criar a un niño con un problema de salud mental significativo puede ser estresante y difícil. A menudo, atender sus necesidades puede significar ver numerosos especialistas e incluso verlos soportar múltiples hospitalizaciones. También puede haber desafíos que vienen con asegurarse de que obtengan el alojamiento y tratamiento adecuados. Foto: www.firstlookfamilylaw.com.

Dealing with Anxiety during Coronavirus

During this challenging time of coronavius-Covid19 and with the shelter-in-home order in placed it can have an effect on our mental health. The social distancing, the constant changes on the information we received, and the worried to care for our health and that of our loved ones can affect our mental health. Guests: Yessica Rodriguez, […]

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