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Gilberto García Jr. (derecha). Foto: María Eraña/Radio Bilingüe

Feature Report: Heirs of Tejano Conjunto Musicians Honor Family Tradition

Some well-known performers of tejano conjunto music have disappeared from the stage, and the airwaves but their legends, memories, and sometimes even their sound, live on in their children or in younger generations who follow their footsteps.

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Talkshow: Before the Tejano Conjunto Festival

THURSDAY, MAY 10 PROGRAM # 8326 12:00 PM PT Tejano Conjunto Festival. Every Spring, for the past 37 years, some of the most popular Conjunto bands gather in San Antonio for a week-long celebration of the accordion-driven musical traditions of the Texas/Mexico border region. In this year’s edition next week, legendary accordionists Eva Ybarra and […]

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