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Línea Abierta is the first — and only — national live talk and call-in program in public broadcasting interconnecting Spanish-speaking audiences and newsmakers throughout the United States and Mexico.  Each weekday, Línea Abierta offers an hour of news, analysis, features, interviews, round-tables, special series and listener call-ins on current events, health, jobs, politics, the environment, education, the arts and culture, race relations and immigrant rights, and more. Diverse guests and audience members exchange views and crucial information, as our experienced hosts lead the dialogue.  Radio Bilingüe launched Línea Abierta in 1995 to meet the void of intelligent, thoughtful Spanish language and Latino-oriented public affairs programming in public and commercial media — and it is still unmatched today, carried by 75 stations across the nation. Available free to stations via satellite, content deport and radiobilingue.org.

Linea Abierta Programming: WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 22, 2014

19 September, 2014

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 22. PROGRAM # 7343 12:00 PM PT The most incredible and biggest poem. California poet laureate Juan Felipe Herrera is completing his two-year poetry...

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Mexico Edition.

19 September, 2014

Crece la inconformidad en Sonora. Luego de difundirse que el gobernador construyó en su rancho una presa para acaparar de forma ilegal hasta 10...


Latino Education: Crisis and Response – Hour Three.

18 September, 2014

In a dialogue in English with the forum’s panelists, community leaders from Boyle Heights and members of the live audience share views on the...


Latino Education: Crisis and Response – Hour Two.

18 September, 2014

The community forum from the Boyle Heights neighborhood in Los Angeles , where distinguished panelists tackle the Latino education crisis, switches into Spanish. What...

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No Mouse Music. Also, Father Solalinde in the U.S.

18 September, 2014

The new feature documentary This Ain’t No Mouse Music! tells the story of roots music luminary Chris Strachwitz, founder of independent label, Arhoolie Records....

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Latino Education: Crisis and Response – Hour One.

17 September, 2014

A live broadcast in English from a community forum in Los Angeles on the crisis in the education of Latino students. A renowned scholar...

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16 September, 2014

Young members of the movement of string bands known as jaraneros, talk about the growing presence of Son Jarocho in California and the U.S.,...

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Latino Education.

15 September, 2014

In her most recent book, a distinguished scholar makes a compelling business argument in favor of bilingualism, to get leaders to rethink old education...

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Mexico Edition.

12 September, 2014

Two years into the government of President Enrique Peña Nieto, the shortage of basic goods continues according to housewives. Meanwhile, sales clerks and service...

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Elections Watch.

11 September, 2014

San Antonio’s state senator Leticia Van de Putte is running a strong campaign to become lieutenant governor, the second-highest office in Texas, a state...


Meet the Hosts

Chelis Lopez and Samuel Orozco

Línea Abierta originates from the Radio Bilingüe studios in Oakland and Fresno, California with hosts Chelis Lopez and Samuel Orozco. Each Friday a Mexico edition airs hosted by journalist Martha Elena Ramirez.


LIVE Monday to Friday 12 - 1:00 pm PT
Tape Delay Monday to Friday 9 - 10:00 pm PT

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