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Hugo Morales, Founder and Executive Director


Hugo Morales is a Mixtec Indian from Oaxaca, Mexico who at the age of nine immigrated to California with his family. He grew up picking grapes and attending public school in Sonoma County, CA, then went on to graduate from Harvard College and Harvard Law School. In 1976 he was the moving force of a group of Latino farmworkers, artists, activists and teachers that founded Radio Bilingüe in California’s San Joaquin Valley, and he has led the organization ever since to its current position as a major national public media service. His recognitions include a MacArthur Foundation Fellowship, the Lannan Foundation Cultural Freedom Prize, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting Edward R. Murrow Award, and the Alliance for Public Technology’s Susan G. Hadden Pioneer Award for ensuring equitable access to information for the Spanish-speaking population in the U.S and Mexico.

Our Staff

Bill Bach Chief Engineer

William B. Bach
Chief Engineer

Crecencio Barajas Programmer

Crecencio Barajas

Ana Vargas Producer/Outreach

Vicente Bazan

Maria Castro Business Manager

Maria Castro
Business Manager

Maripaz Cubarrubias

Maripaz Covarrubias

Carol Dowell  DD

Carol Dowell
Development Director

Maria Elena Eraña Broadcasting Director

Maria Eraña
Broadcasting Director

Mario Espinoza KUBO Operations

Mario Espinoza
KUBO Operations

María de Jesus Gomez Administrative Assistant

María de Jesús
Administrative Assistant

Ethel Meyer Senior Executive Assistant

Ethel Meyer
Executive Assistant

Jose Moran Manager/ Programmer

José Moran
Broadband Project Manager

Natalie Orozco-Santiago GA

Natalie Orozco
Grants Manager

Samuel Orozco National News and Information Director

Samuel Orozco
National News and Information Director

Salomon Pantoja KTQX Operation

Salomon Pantoja
KTQX Operation Assistant

Jorge Ramirez Audio Technician

Jorge Ramírez
News Audio Technician

J. Jesus Ramirez KHDC Producer/ Teen Radio Coordinator

J. Jesús Ramírez
KHDC Producer/
Teen Radio Coordinator

Samuel Rodriguez Programmer/Producer

Samuel Rodríguez

Delia Saldivar KHDC Manager

Delia Saldivar
KHDC Manager

Our Reporters and  Commentators

Marco V. Gonzales Reporter/Web Editor

Marco V. González
Web Editor

Rosalba Piña Línea Abierta Commentator

Rosalba Piña
Línea Abierta Commentator

Martha Elena Ramírez

Martha Elena

Línea Abierta Host

Sara Shakir Web Editor

Sara Shakir
Web Editor

Rubén Tapia Senior Reporter

Rubén Tapia
Senior Reporter

Javier Aparisi
José Luis Buen Abad
Elvia Díaz
Valeria Fernández
Vladimir Flores
Camilo García
Araceli Martínez
Manuel Ocaño
Kent Paterson
Citlali Sáenz
Raúl Feliciano Sánchez
José López Zamorano

KSJV- Fresno Volunteers

Steve Camacho

Steve Camacho

Juana Gomez La Hora Mixteca

Juana Gomez

Javier Hernández

Javier Hernández

Jair Huizar

Jair Huizar

Jose Luis Morales

Jose Luis Morales

Ruben Moreno Arriba el Norte

Ruben Moreno

Andre Booker
Jose Cuiriz
Manuela García
Mario Gómez
Jean Hays-Gunn
Matilde Hicks
Carl Johnson
Omar Lomelí
Raúl Lozada
Genaro Lozano
Henry Lozano
Enrique Martinez
Lolo Molina
Lourdes Oliva
Enrique Perez
David Remus
Adalberto Reyes
Al Robles
Gustavo Santiago
Jacqueline Torres-Fritz
Tony Villa

KHDC- Salinas Volunteers

Lani Bandhauer
César Barajas
Isaac Castro
Oswaldo Cisneros
Andrés Cruz
Will Devoe
Daniel Duarte
Primitivo Estrada
Gustavo Flores
Fabian García
Ricardo García
Diego González
Tahmi Gotti
Shahin Gutiérrez
José Luis Hernández
Angélica Isidro
Rubén Lerma
Frank Mitchell
Miguel Montes
José Morales
Manuel Morales
Adrian Moreno
Brandon Muñoz
Randy Novelli
Diego Ortiz
Moisés Pérez
Jaime Puga
Marilu Quiroz
Laura Quiroz
Silka Saavedra
Ray Ray Salas
Mike Schmitz
Reev Solis
Rosemary Soto
Imelda Suarez
Laura Tirado
Madona Varela
Montiell Williams

KUBO- El Centro Volunteers

Joe Conner
Gloria Salazar

KTQX- Lamont Volunteers

Dionicio Virvez

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