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Radio Bilingüe’s national audience is unique in the world of public radio. The Latino community is not monolithic, and Radio Bilingüe serves a diverse, complex, and multilingual (Spanish, English, Mixteco, Triqui) Latino audience. Our listeners range from low-income, Spanish-speaking rural farmworkers and recent immigrants—to more established second- and third-generation Latinos who value their cultural roots and Spanish.


Listeners on the Impact of Radio Bilingüe

Testimonies and comments from Radio Bilingüe audience members during 2012 national elections call-in programs and listener support pledge drive:

Your station is wonderful! I like the Mexican-American songs, rancheras, and even the rock music. I like all of the music, and, most importantly the news, because we are informed about everything that is happening, Obama, and other things.  I love it! — Marco Antonio, Chama, New Mexico, KYOL listener


“I enjoy Radio Bilingüe because of the guests you bring on the air, for example doctors and lawyers on Línea Abierta, that provide information.” — Maria, Burlington, Washington, Affiliate KSVR Listener

“I appreciate the international shows and the diverse music from all over the planet.”— Paul, San Joaquin Valley, California, KSJV listener

“It is very difficult to find stations that play music without coarse/crude programming and that do not play narco-corridos (songs glorifying drugs). Regarding the information programming, why not be clear and upfront? — There is no other station that offers what Radio Bilingüe offers.”— Manuel, Chowchilla, California listener

“I was working in my garden and looking for music on the radio when I found KREE – I’ve been listening ever since, and also getting news on Linea Abierta about what’s going on in Arizona.” — Rosa, Douglas, Arizona, KREE Listener

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“I am a truck driver.  I always listen to you. I pulled over because I’ve been listening to the entire (special election night) coverage and I don’t want to lose your signal. For the past months, I constantly talked about the election and voting with my truck-driving peers via CB (Citizens Band radio).” — Gonzalo, Bakersfield, California listener

“In my work place they have blocked pretty much all radio channels from streaming. Your channel managed somehow not to be blocked. I listen to your radio every day to keep me company; it is wonderful and now I even listen from home. My partner is a Spaniard and I am English. We love it!” — Daniel, Liverpool, England, Internet listener

“Working in the fields, picking potatoes and love listening to the music, it sounds wonderful.” — Jose, Alamosa, Colorado, KHUI Listener

“I listen to Radio Bilingüe because it is the only place I can find ‘true’ news from Mexico. Every Friday I listen to Voz Publica via Línea Abierta and call my dad in Michoacán. Together we listen to the news because not even in Mexico is the news covered like on Radio Bilingüe.” — Salinas, California, KHDC Listener


“There is no other Spanish-language radio where I live, I try to listen to all the Radio Bilingüe programming that I can.” — Porfirio Garduño, Mt. Vernon, Washington, Affiliate KSVR listener

“You can listen with the whole family.” — Raul, Bakersfield, California, KTQX Listener

“It’s different and unique. I would totally change the name to Unique Radio.” — Vicente, Los Baños, California, KSJV Listener

“The announcers are respectful and they don’t talk about foolish stuff.” — Juana, Earlimart, California, KTQX Listener

“I like Radio Bilingüe because it makes me aware of what is going on in the community, for example when I listen to La Placita Bilingüe, political discussions on Línea Abierta, and furthermore all the music is clean and the radio hosts aren’t crude or offend people.” — Salinas, California, KHDC Listener


“Línea Abierta is a space for liberty of expression, it’s a bridge to inform about topics that influence us directly or indirectly. You are the torch of democracy where censure does not exist and where you open the microphone to hear our VOICE. From my trench I will open ears and start a civil consciousness…   VICTORY FOREVER!” — Fabian,  Los Angeles,  California, Internet Listener commenting on Radio Bilingüe’s Facebook page

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