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Radio Bilingüe Full-Power FM Public Radio Stations
Radio Bilingüe FM Repeater Stations
Radio Bilingüe Full-Power FM Public Radio Stations Coming Soon
Radio Bilingüe Affiliate Radio Stations
Radio Bilingüe Services

Radio Bilingüe broadcasts in communities across the U.S. through its own full power FM non-profit educational radio stations and scores of affiliate stations.

Radio Bilingüe Full-Power FM Public Radio Stations:

KSJV 91.5 Fresno, California

KMPO 88.7 Modesto-Stockton, California

KTQX 90.1 Bakersfield-Lamont, California

KHDC 90.9 Chualar-Salinas, California

KUBO 88.7 Calexico-El Centro, California

KVUH 88.5 Laytonville-Mendocino, California

KREE 88.1 Pirtleville-Douglas, Arizona

KHUI 89.1 Alamosa, Colorado

KVMG 88.9 Raton, New Mexico

KYOL 91.7 Chama, New Mexico

KQTO 88.1 Hurley-Silver City, New Mexico

KRZU 90.7 Batesville-Crystal City, Texas

KHEM 89.3 Zapata, Texas

Radio Bilingüe FM Repeater Stations:

94.5 &  97.1 Paso Robles, California  (K233AV & K246BO)

92.9 San Luis Obispo-Santa Margarita, California

104.1 Hollister, California

99.5 Barstow, California

100.7 Palmdale-Lancaster, California

101.1 Coachella-Mecca, California

98.7 Santa Maria-Guadalupe

93.7 East Bay-Tassajara, California

92.7 Yuma-Ligurta, Arizona

Radio Bilingüe Affiliate Radio Stations:

Click for Complete List of Affiliate Stations in U.S., Mexico and Canada

Radio Bilingüe Services:

Radio Bilingüe provides the only Spanish-language national news and information service for public broadcasting:

• Línea Abierta – The first only live national Spanish daily talk/call-in show in public broadcasting.

• Edición Semanaria – The only national Spanish language weekly news magazine.

Radio Bilingüe’s National Satellite Network Programming Service offers great diverse Music and additional vital and empowering information programming in Spanish, English and Mixteco.  Local schedules of some stations offer programming in Triqui, Hawaiian and other languages.

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