Rally Pro-Immigration

This news report highlighted the pro-immigration reform marches organized in several cities in California and across the Nation in March 2013. Two KHDC Salinas youth trainees covered the Marcha in Salinas California on March 24, organized by unions including the United Farm Workers and the Teamsters. Farmworkers, activists, politicians, students and supporters walked the streets of East Alisal urging Congress to pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform. California Assemblyman Luis Alejo, Dreamer Students and farm workers are featured in the report, sharing their reasons for joining the March and their hopes for the prompt passage of reform.

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  • Audiencia: comenta en casos similares al de Jorge, sí hay abusos a los trabajadores huéspedes, y a veces no hablan por temor.
  • Jorge Palafox: algunos de nosotros sí sabemos nuestros derechos, pero cuando los peleamos, nos quedamos sin trabajo, eso me paso a mí.
  • Jessica Stender: La Declaración Ministerial, significa que los gobiernos pondran atención para evitar las violaciones a los derechos.

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