Linea Abierta Programming: WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 29, 2014

PROGRAM # 7348 12:00 PM PT

California: “Epicenter of Climate Change.” On the eve of a summit of world leaders to work on a climate change agreement in 2015, hundreds of thousands marched in New York City in what is announced as the largest climate change protest on record. California Gov. Brown spoke at the UN conference defending plans to price carbon and emissions and reduce greenhouse gases. This edition also includes views on the new water bond in California, a proposal in the November ballot to build  water storage projects as a response to the water crisis. Also, Gov. Brown signed a bill deleting Proposition 187 from the books.

Guests: Sen. Kevin de León, Elected President Pro Tempore, California State Senate, Sacramento, CA; Adrianna Quintero, Senior Attorney, National Resources Defense Council, San Francisco, CA,; founder/director of Voces Verdes.



PROGRAM # 7349  12:00 PM PT

Immigration Edition. A new law in California seeks to ensure all of California low-income drivers have access to auto insurance, including non-citizen residents who may qualify for drivers’ licenses next year. A state legislator comments on this law and the new design for California drivers’ licenses for undocumented residents. An advocate comments on plans by ICE to open a privately-run, 2400-bed facility in Texas, to house detained migrant families.

Guests: TBA.



PROGRAM # 7350 11:00 PM PT

Rubén Gallego. A conversation with 34-year-old Ruben Gallego, a former Democratic state legislator who is running to replace retiring Rep. Ed Pastor in a race with no Republican opposition. Pastor was Arizona’s first Latino congressman.

Guest: Rubén Gallego, Former Assistant Minority Leader, Arizona House of Representatives, Phoenix, AZ

Also, David García. Professor David García is vying to become Superintendent of Public Instruction, the first Latino elected to statewide office in four decades in Arizona. The debate about Common Core Standards in education is becoming the most contentious issue in this race.

Guest: David García, Democratic candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction, Phoenix, AZ.



PROGRAM # 7351 12:00 PM PT

America by the Numbers. Journalist María Hinojosa tells the story of the “new America mainstream” in a new TV documentary series to be aired this fall on PBS. The series, titled “America by the Numbers,” explores the growing number and influence of Asians, Latinos, African Americans, immigrants, LGBT and other groups, as well as the meaning of these demographic changes for the nation.

Guest: María Hinojosa, Award Winning News Anchor and Reporter, Futuro Media Group, Host and Executive Producer, America by the Numbers, New York, NY.

Also, Guadalupe Rivera Marín: 90th Birthday. Guadalupe Rivera Marín, the daughter of celebrated Mexican artist Diego Rivera, visits the U.S. to support Mexican art institutions and the preservation of landmark murals produced by her father. In this conversation, Rivera Marín, who is turning 90 this month, talks also about her work as an author and lecturer.

Guest: Guadalupe Rivera Marín, Author and Lecturer, Founder and Board Chair for the Diego Rivera Foundation, Mexico City.



PROGRAM # 7352 12:00 PM PT

Mexico Edition. Martha Elena Ramírez hosts the program Voz Pública from Mexico City. The civic journalist brings news and analysis on Mexican developments.

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