Linea Abierta Programming: WEEK OF OCTOBER 20, 2014

PROGRAM # 7364 12:00 PM PT

Elections: Focus in California. Former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is on the election trail pushing for candidates who support his education agenda and immigration reform. Also, for the first time, voters in a city in California will elect members of the City Council by district, and two Latinas hope to change the course of a city with a history of anti-immigrant policies.

Guests: Antonio Villaraigosa, Former Mayor of Los Angeles, Former President of the US Conference of Mayors, Former Speaker of the California Assembly; Consuelo Martínez, Candidate to City Council, Olga Díaz, Candidate to Mayor, Escondido, CA; others TBA.

PROGRAM # 7365 12:00 PM PT

Immigration Edition. The University of California, Davis is opening today an undocumented student center to help undocumented students navigate the academic and administrative system, provide financial and legal counseling, and advocate for them. This is a conversation with the undocumented student who helped create the center. This program also includes legal advice from an expert in immigration law.

Guests: Ana Maciel, Student of Chicano Studies and Political Science, Academic Coordinator, Undocumented Student Center, UC Davis, Davis, CA; Rosalba Piña, Attorney at Immigration Law, Chicago, IL.

PROGRAM # 7366 11:00 PM PT

Future of Charter Schools. Since created in 1990, charter schools have seen a rapid growth in the U.S. Funded with public money, these schools are emerging as an alternative to traditional education systems. They promise better student learning by offering more educational choices and new forms of teaching. Critics say charter schools treat education as a business, they are not subject to requirements that rule regular public schools, and fail to properly serve the poorest and the immigrants. This is a debate.

Guests: Ana Ponce, Chief Executive Officer, Camino Nuevo Charter Academy, Los Angeles, CA.

PROGRAM # 7367 12:00 PM PT

Dying to Work. Latinos are more likely than other workers in the US to die on the job. Most die from work-related injuries in high-risk industries, such as construction and agriculture. Why is this happening? What are the most common causes of death on the job for Latinos? Is immigration status an issue? What’s being done to prevent more deaths?

Guests: Anonymous family member of H-2B Visa Worker Who Died in the Workplace, Mexico; Others TBA.

PROGRAM # 7368 12:00 PM PT

Mexico Edition. Martha Elena Ramírez hosts the program Voz Pública from Mexico City. The civic journalist brings news and analysis on Mexican developments.

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