Monday June 27<em>12:00 PM (PacificTime)</em>

Línea Abierta

Monday June 2712:00 PM (PacificTime)

DAPA, DACA Plus Blocked: Next Steps. The US Supreme Court didn’t rule on DAPA and DACA + and these programs will continue being blocked for now. What are the ramifications for millions of families and workers? Photo:
Tuesday June 28<em>12:00 PM (PacificTime)</em>

Línea Abierta

Tuesday June 2812:00 PM (PacificTime)

Mexico Edition. Martha Elena Ramírez hosts the program Voz Pública from Mexico City. The civic journalist brings news and analysis on Mexican developments. Photo:
Wednesday June 29<em>12:00 PM (PacificTime)</em>

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Wednesday June 2912:00 PM (PacificTime)

“Songs of Struggle and Hope.” Agustín Lira, a pioneering singer of the Chicano movement, releases this week a new album under the Smithsonian Folkways label. Photo:
Thursday June 30<em>12:00 PM (PacificTime)</em>

Línea Abierta

Thursday June 3012:00 PM (PacificTime)

Sounds of California: NOKA. In the first of a series of conversations titled “Sounds of California” and recorded in Radio Bilingüe’s Studio at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival in Washington, DC, this program features NOKA, a trio of Basque American women who specialize in traditional songs from the Basque country. Photo:
Friday July 1<em>12:00 PM (PacificTime)</em>

Línea Abierta

Friday July 112:00 PM (PacificTime)

Sounds of California: Martin Goicochea. A conversation with Martin Goicochea, a renowned Basque poet who came to the US as a sheepherder and is currently a staple in Basque festivals around the country. Photo:
Represión policial contra maestros de la Sección 22 de la CNTE en Nochixtlán, Oaxaca. Foto:

Edición Semanaria (Weekly Magazine)

24 June, 2016

*Supreme Court Upholds Affirmative Action and Effectively Blocks DAPA/DACA
*Arizona Activists Block Streets to Protest Immigration Deadlock
*Mexico’s Government Responds To Teacher Protest with Brutal Violence

Foto: Vaughan Leiberum

(Español) ¿Da el Brexit “posibilidades” a Trump?

27 June, 2016

This entry is only available in Español.

Adriana Ramírez del Comité de Padres y Madres. Foto: Vladimir Flores.

Mexico’s Government Responds To Teacher Protest with Brutal Violence

26 June, 2016

Videos and photographs show police shooting at protesting teachers.

Los inmigrantes prometen continuar con la lucha después del empate judicial. Foto: José López Zamorano

Supreme Court Upholds Affirmative Action, Blocks DAPA/DACA

26 June, 2016

The highest court in the nation dumped a bucket of cold water and the hopes of nearly 5 million undocumented immigrants.



Juan Felipe Herrera – Especial – Las Palabras

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