Monday June 1<em>12:00 PM (PacificTime)</em>

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Monday June 112:00 PM (PacificTime)

Tree of Life Master. A member of the distinguished Castillo Orta folk art family from the Mexican state of Puebla, Verónica Castillo is internationally renowned for her work crafting Tree of Life candelabra sculptures. Photo: Veronica Castillo
Tuesday June 2<em>12:00 PM (PacificTime)</em>

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Tuesday June 212:00 PM (PacificTime)

Immigration Shift in Alabama. The Tuskegee City Council passed a resolution declaring Tuskegee the first city in Alabama to officially welcome immigrants and adopt a TRUST policy. Photo: Adelante Alabama Worker Center/Facebook
Wednesday June 3<em>12:00 PM (PacificTime)</em>

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Wednesday June 312:00 PM (PacificTime)

Many Forgo Doctor’s Visits. More than one in four adults who bought health insurance last year skipped needed medical care because they couldn’t afford it. The newly insured prefer to skip medical tests... Photo: 401(K) 2012/Flickr
Thursday June 4<em>12:00 PM (PacificTime)</em>

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Thursday June 412:00 PM (PacificTime)

California Oil Spill and Fracking. An oil pipeline ruptured and spilled more than 100 thousand gallons of oil along the Pacific coastline near Santa Barbara. California Gov. Brown declared a state of emergency to help clean up the toxic spill. Photo: Erin Brocovich/Facebook
Friday June 5<em>12:00 PM (PacificTime)</em>

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Friday June 512:00 PM (PacificTime)

Mexico Edition. Martha Elena Ramírez hosts the program Voz Pública from Mexico City. The civic journalist brings news and analysis on Mexican developments. Photo: Aloud../Flickr
Maestra Natividad González y su hija Conchita Pozar

Edición Semanaria (Weekly Magazine)

29 May, 2015

Obama's Deferred Action Programs Still Blocked - Millions of immigrants will have to keep waiting to see if new temporary protections against deportation can go into...

Nativida Gonzalez, prima de la maestra de bordado, muestra sus bordados.

Purépecha Embroidery Workshops Motivate Civic Participation in Coachella Valley

29 May, 2015

Now this art has captivated the imagination of dozens of residents of the agricultural Coachella Valley, thanks to a teacher of this type of embroidery who started sharing the art with her neighbors. Our correspondent Rubén Tapia reports that the workshops also became a space of reflection on how to improve this desert community that borders with Arizona. This feature story is part of our series Raices: Los Maestros, about artists who are passing on their art to the next generation.

dreamers 2

Obama’s Deferred Action Programs Still Blocked

29 May, 2015

The White House is still waiting for the decision on its original appeal, and attorneys and activists say they are still sure courts will eventually give a green light to the programs known as DACA and DAPA. José López Zamorano reports from the nation’s capital.

Edwin Colón Zayas

(Español) Edwin Colón: Maestro del Cuatro

28 May, 2015

This entry is only available in Español.


(Español) Acciones Ejecutivas: ¿Qué sigue?

28 May, 2015

This entry is only available in Español.

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