Bicycling with Safety


Enjoy outdoor activities learn to ride your bicycle safely, comfortably and predictably. Youth radio hosts speak with advocates for safe bicycling in Monterey County.

Guest: Mari Lynch, Founder of and Jerry Ramos, Bicycling Youth Advocate in Monterey County

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2 Responses to Bicycling with Safety

  1. Ariana Green said: Thank you Mari and Jerry for all the work you do advocating for safe and fun bicycling in Monterey County!
  2. Mari Lynch said: Note from Mari: In the audio, note these corrections to some places where I misspoke. (1) When I said, “from Castroville to Pacific Grove in Monterey,” I meant to say, “from Castroville to Lovers Point in Pacific Grove.” Check out that stretch on the Monterey County bike map found in Bicycling Monterey's section. (2) In my quick mention of Class 4 bikeways, I referred to them as “separated,” when I meant to say “protected.” To learn about different classes of bikeways, refer to “Where to Bike in Monterey County" on the Bicycling Monterey site; short link is