Talking About Sex Education

Teens have many questions about sexuality, but they commonly receive misinformation based on myths from their peers, the media, and other sources. Often parents also do not provide their teens with accurate information (or any information at all). This feature centered on how and from whom teens get information about sex and how they and their parents can be more aware of making sure information is factual. One boy shares that his parents delegated the task to his older brothers, while a teenage girl says she got pregnant at 15 even though her mom had talked to her about the risks and she had received information high school health classes. Representatives from agencies that provide information about teen pregnancy and STD prevention in high school offered advice, and said misconceptions often result in pregnancy at an early age or contraction of a STD, especially when teens are engaged in risky activities that involve the use of alcohol and drugs. They also advised parents to become educated about how to talk to their kids regarding sexuality and for teens to become empowered to make good decisions.

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