Covid Booster Shots: Who Needs Them?

Thursday _673x324 12pmTHURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 23
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Covid Booster Shots: Who Needs Them?

US health authorities will begin distributing Covid vaccine booster shots in coming days as vaccine protection seems to wane over time. Who and why should get the booster shot? Is it necessary? When can you get it? How effective is it? What are the side effects? What should people know about Covid breakthrough cases and booster shots? A prominent public health leader gives answers. In addition, a doctor who is in the front line of the pandemic in rural areas comments on the crisis brought by the third wave of coronavirus infections and answers questions such as: What should patients suffering from diabetes, obesity and kidney disease know about Covid and the Delta variant? What can growers and employers do to help employees get vaccinated? Are farm workers on the list of occupations that will get the booster shot? Listeners call in from California and Washington, including one elderly man who said he received a third shot already, another diabetic patient who is exposed to many people at work wants to know when to seek the booster shot, and one more asked whether it would be OK to mix vaccines from different types. This program is aired in collaboration with the National Center for Farmworker Health in Texas.

Guests: Dr. Ilan Shapiro, Medical Director of Health Education, AltaMed Health Services, Los Angeles, CA; Dr. Bismark Fernandez, Director of Covid-19 Division, Yakima Valley Memorial, Yakima, WA.


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