Mental Health Toll of Covid-19.

Thursday_673x324 (8878)THURSDAY, MAY 7
PROGRAM # 8878 12:00 PM PT

Mental Health Toll of Covid-19.

Financial distress and social isolation due to the coronavirus crisis are triggering an unprecedented wave of mental and emotional suffering. Many stress and worry over the health of family and friends. On National Mental Health Awareness Month, guest experts report on how to access telemedicine and telecounseling from home to fight the crisis, recommend lifesaving resources, healthy ways to adapt to the new situation of isolation and limited access to online resources, and give practical advice on what to do if a loved one is struggling with grief, anxiety and depression. They also comment on the resiliency and strength of immigrant families who survived traumatic events in their home countries. These and other topics are discussed in this edition.

Guests: Dr. Sergio Aguilar-Gaxiola, Professor of Internal Medicine, Director of the Center to Reduce Health Disparities, UC Davis, Davis, CA; Dr. Vilma Reyes, Clinical Psychologist, Department of Psychiatry, UC San Francisco, San Francisco, CA.


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