Coronavirus News Roundup. Heals vs Heroes Act. El Paso Massacre: On Year Later.

Monday_673x324MONDAY, AUGUST 3
PROGRAM # 8963 12:00 PM PT

Coronavirus News Roundup.

News correspondents report on new coronavirus hot spots in the US, the worst-hit country in the world. They report on the response to the pandemic in states where Covid-19 is getting worse and areas where infections are slowing down.

Heals vs Heroes Act. Senate Republicans unveiled the HEALS Act last week, two months after House Democrats introduced the HEROES Act to provide relief for the coronavirus crisis. Leaders of Congress are now engaged in intense negotiations to reconcile differences in areas such as unemployment benefits, stimulus checks, housing relief, hazard pay and student loans. A correspondent brings the latest on the sticking points.

Guest: José López Zamorano, News Reporter, Washington, DC.

El Paso Massacre: On Year Later. El Paso marks the first anniversary of the deadliest attack on Latinos in modern US history. Amid a pandemic and historic rallies against racism around the nation, and with a path of luminarias and a number of community activities, El Pasoans remember the 23 lives lost in the mass shooting. How has the community changed? What are the takeaways of the tragedy?

Guests: María Esquinca, Reporter from El Paso/Cd. Juarez, Fresno, CA.


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