Covid-19 Crisis in Meat Production and Workers.

Wednesday_673x324WEDNESDAY, MAY 6
PROGRAM # 8876 12:00 PM PT

Covid-19 Crisis in Meat Production and Workers.

Invoking the Defense Production Act to secure meat production, President Trump ordered meat plans to stay open during the pandemic. Some of the largest producers of beef, pork and chicken around the country report a frightening toll of more than 7,000 infected workers and 20 deaths due to coronavirus, and the number of cases keep growing. Meatpacking workers are afraid of returning to work and demand better protections. On other topic, immigrant workers in a Chicago factory that manufactures masks and other PPE for hospitals, stopped working for one day demanding better protections and paid quarantine after several employees got infected and one died of Covid-19. One employee and a labor activist talk about it. Finally, as millions of essential workers are being applauded for helping fight the pandemic, advocates launch a campaign to get the public and the government support health care and financial assistance for immigrant essential workers who were left behind.

Guests: Martin A. Rosas, President, UFCW Local 2, Bel Aire, KS; Claudia Barrera, Staff, LSL Healthcare INC, Chicago, IL; Maritere Gomez, Labor Campaign Organizer, Arise Chicago, Chicago, IL; Cynthia Hernández, Senior Manager – Florida Strategy, Resilience Force, Miami, FL


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