Covid Record Surge.

Monday_673x324(1)MONDAY, JUNE 29
PROGRAM # 8928 12:00 PM PT

Covid Record Surge.

As the US passes a record of 40,000 coronavirus cases in a day, the infection is rapidly spreading among Latinos in Florida, Texas and California and in other states’ farm working areas. Hospitals in Arizona fear they will be overwhelmed soon and some states are walking back plans to reopen. Correspondents file reports from the hotspots of the new surge. Also, a leader of institutions of higher education talks about plans to transition to online, remote education and student emergency support.

Guests: Gerardo Guzmán, News director, Hispanic News Service, Atlanta, GA; Francisco Ríos,News Director, KDNA, Granger, WA; Ruben Tapia, Reporter, Los Angeles, CA; Dr. Benjamin Durán, Executive director, Central Valley Higher education Consortium, Fresno, CA.

Photo: El Petenero/Facebook

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