Millions Affected by Drug Addiction. Also, California faces dangerous winter storm.

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Millions Affected by Drug Addiction.

Millions of people in the US are addicted to drugs or alcohol, and millions more are taking care of an addicted family member or friend without getting support. According to a new poll, addiction has also been escalating in rural areas. In response, the federal government has announced new actions to combat drug overdoses, including steps to dramatically expand access to life-saving medications for opioid use disorder as well as xylazine test strips. Experts discuss these findings and explain the new federal rules. Also, a psychologist offers tips and responds to listener questions on how to talk to an alcoholic or addict and how to provide help.

Guests: Commander Karina D. Aguilar, DrPH, Assistant Regional Director, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services-SAMHSA, Region 2, New York, NY; Dr. Lorraine Viade, Clinical Psychologist, Los Angeles County, Los Angeles, CA.

California faces dangerous winter storm.

In the northern California, in addition to the torrential rains hitting the region, a rare hurricane wind warning was issued, mainly in the coastal area. Governor Gavin Newsom decreed a state of emergency in eight counties including Santa Barbara, Ventura and San Diego, where flooded streets, more than 800,000 users without electric service and hundreds of cancelled or delayed flights are reported. These conditions are life-threatening, according to the National Weather Service.

Guest: Ruben Tapia, Los Angeles Area Reporter, Los Angeles, CA.

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