Biden Vaccination Mandate. Also, Los Angeles Student Vaccines Mandate.

Thursday_673x324 12pmTHURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 16
PROGRAM # 9383 12:00 PM PDT

Biden Vaccination Mandate.

President Biden ordered new federal vaccine requirements for as many as 100 million workers, two thirds of all workers, in an effort to curb the surging COVID-19 delta variant and spur economic recovery. He warned the US cannot expect to end the pandemic with almost half of the population unvaccinated. What are the details of the plan? What interest sectors are pushing back?

Los Angeles Student Vaccines Mandate. Los Angeles county school officials ordered vaccinations for all students 12 years and over. Three of four students in this school district, the largest in the US, are Latinos. What developments led Los Angeles to this decision?

Guests: Hilda Solís, Supervisor, Board of Supervisors, Los Angeles County, Los Angeles, CA (TBC); Ilan Shapiro, Pediatrician, AltaMed Health Services, Los Angeles, CA. (TBC)

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