The Uninsured: Interested but Unaware.


As the deadline to apply to get health coverage on time starting March 1st, an expert on the new health reform law joins this program to share news of interest to the uninsured. According to polls, many uninsured still don’t know about financial help available for low and moderate income individuals and many are not aware that they can’t be denied coverage when having pre-existing conditions. This and other challenges faced by the uninsured are discussed in this call-in segment.

Guest: Sinsi Hernández-Cancio, Director of Health Equity, Families USA, Washington, DC,


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  • Audiencia: comenta en casos similares al de Jorge, sí hay abusos a los trabajadores huéspedes, y a veces no hablan por temor.
  • Jorge Palafox: algunos de nosotros sí sabemos nuestros derechos, pero cuando los peleamos, nos quedamos sin trabajo, eso me paso a mí.
  • Jessica Stender: La Declaración Ministerial, significa que los gobiernos pondran atención para evitar las violaciones a los derechos.

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