Aid in Dying Laws. Also, Marijuana Laws and the Drug War. Also, Obama’s Farewell.

Wednesday_673x324WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 11
PROGRAM # 7973 12:00 PM PST.

Aid in Dying Laws.

This month, a Colorado law allowing terminally ill patients to take their own lives using prescribed medication goes into effect. Colorado became the sixth state to allow the right to medical aid in dying after voters approved a proposition in November. What do we need to know about this law?

Guest: Patricia A. Gonzalez-Portillo, National Latino Communications Manager, Compassion and Choices, Los Angeles, CA

Marijuana Laws and the Drug War. Voters in eight states approved on Election Day ballot measures legalizing marijuana for personal use. Now, a total of 29 states have laws legalizing marijuana and the latest laws are now going into effect. What do we need to know about these laws? Will federal authorities rethink their prohibition policy? What are the international ramifications?

Guest: Armando Gudiño, Policy Manager, California Partnerships, Drug Policy Alliance, Los Angeles, CA

Obama’s Farewell. President Obama gave his farewell speech in his hometown, Chicago, before thousands of supporters. In his address, he touted his achievements, warned against the looming threats for the nation, and called on citizens to “believe in their ability to bring about change” and engage in sustained organizing.

Guest: (audio cuts) Barack Obama, US President, Chicago, IL.


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