Brain Injuries and Domestic Violence. Also, Illinois Bans Assault Weapons.

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Brain Injuries and Domestic Violence.

The recent hospitalization of an NFL star put the story of brain trauma in the headlines. Less reported is the story that domestic violence victims suffer from head injuries more often than football players and soldiers who survive wars. Still, domestic violence survivors often go undiagnosed and untreated. Experts comment on this from Colorado, a state that’s seeing a spike in domestic violence deaths during the Covid-19 pandemic months.

Illinois Bans Assault Weapons. Illinois became the latest state to ban military-style weapons. Along with other eight states, Illinois will now crack down on assault weapons primarily designed for rapid fire and combat use, which have been linked to some of the deadliest mass shootings in the U.S. such as the one in Uvalde last year. President Biden has vowed to reinstate the ban. Analysts discuss the ramifications.

Photo: Yuris Alhumaydy via Unsplash

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