Kamala Harris Historic Nomination. Also, Coronavirus Vaccine: Are Latinos In?

Wednesday_673x324(1)WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 12
PROGRAM # 8973 12:00 PM PT

Kamala Harris Historic Nomination.

Kamala Harris has been selected as the running mate for Joe Biden, making history as the first woman of color on a major party presidential ticket. Latina leaders react to Harris’ historic nomination and comment on her qualifications, the prospects of a Biden/Harris presidency for Latinos, and its impact on battleground states such as Florida.

Guests: Vanessa Cárdenas, Democratic Strategist, Washington, DC; Ana Sofía Peláez, Executive Director and Co-Founder, Miami Freedom Project, Miami, FL.

Coronavirus Vaccine: Are Latinos In? A well-known analyst of public health warns that in the race to create a Covid-19 vaccine, Latinos may be left behind. She says that to create a vaccine that works for all, the government must require and researchers must make sure to include Latinos in the clinical trials for the vaccine.

Guest: Dr. Jane Delgado, Executive Director, National Alliance for Hispanic Health, Washington, DC.

Photo: calmatters.org

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