Virtual Tool to Fight Covid Misinformation.

Thursday_673x324 12pmTHURSDAY, APRIL 28
PROGRAM # 9607 12:00 PM PT

Virtual Tool to Fight Covid Misinformation.

As part of its SMARTER plan, California’s public health agency is now using a new virtual assistance platform on WhatsApp in both Spanish and English to offer reliable information especially to Latinos. The updates include the latest on vaccine safety, how to book an appointment for the vaccine, and how to obtain digital immunization records. California is the first state in the US to launch such a tool to combat misinformation. On another story, if you didn’t have health insurance in 2021, you might have to pay a penalty when you file your taxes in California, because though the Trump administration rescinded ACA’s mandate, California and other states kept the tax penalty for those who don’t have health insurance. Experts also comment on the ruling ending mask mandates in public transportation.

Guest: Yurina Melara, Multiethnic Press Secretary, California Vaccination Task Force, CDPH, Los Angeles, CA; Others TBA.


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