Speaking Indigenous Languages in Times of Emergency.

Wednesday_673x324WEDNESDAY, APRIL 20
PROGRAM # 9598 12:00 PM PT

Speaking Indigenous Languages in Times of Emergency.

Mexican indigenous migrants have been among the worst hit by the heat, fire and smoke of the extreme wildfires that have devastated California’s rural areas. Many spent weeks saving summer crops from the fires and in the absence of emergency alerts in their language and disaster relief, community aid groups have had to step in. As the number of wildfires are expected to rise, community leaders demand hazard pay for farmworkers and the right to services in their languages, including interpreters, in times of emergency. Community leaders share stories about the hardships during disasters and the efforts to find help from local and state governments.

Guests: Ana Salgado, Co-Chair, Trabajos con Justicia, Santa Rosa, CA; Others TBA .

Photo: Tim Mossholder via Unspalsh

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