Lifelong Effects of Teen Rape. Also, Educating Peers on Sexual Assault on the Job.

Wednesday_673x324WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 25
PROGRAM # 8702 12:00 PM PT

Lifelong Effects of Teen Rape.

The first experience of sex for millions of US women was forced as young teens, according to a study. What are the long-term effects of experiencing rape at first sexual encounter? How to address the culture of sexual violence?

Guest: Vylma Ortiz, Advocacy Specialist, The Women’s Building, San Francisco, CA.

Educating Peers on Sexual Assault on the Job. A groundbreaking bill that would empower California janitors to educate co-workers on rape, sexual harassment and assault at work is expected to be signed at any moment by Gov. Newsom. The measure, announced as a #MeToo law, is of special interest for immigrant women of color, who are the majority of janitors working at night, vulnerable to sexual predators. An advocate explains the details.

Guest: Alejandra Valles, Secretary Tresurer, SEIU-United Service Workers West, Los Angeles, CA.



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