Extra Edition: Vaccines for Kids (Program Repeat.) Also, Latina Workers Hit Hardest by the Pandemic.

Tuesday_673x324 11amTUESDAY, APRIL 26
PROGRAM # 9603 11:00 AM PT

Extra Edition: Vaccines for Kids (Program Repeat.)

COVID-19 vaccines are now available to children ages 5 and up in the U.S. A leading public health physician shares facts about California’s vaccination campaign for kids and answers common questions from parents. Why do kids need Covid-19 vaccines? How do they work with children? What are the benefits? How do we know they are safe? What’s the difference in doses for children and for teens? Are the side effects the same in children? She also comments on the second booster shot available to adults aged 50 and older and many other people. Who are those who stand to benefit the most from the additional protection of a second booster shot? Are there any downsides?

Guest: Dr. Lucía Abascal, Public Health Physician, California Department of Public Health, Director’s Office, Sacramento, CA.

Latina Workers Hit Hardest by the Pandemic. While Latinas are emerging as an important segment in the workplace, they were more likely than any other group to leave the workforce during the pandemic. An academic researcher explains these findings and the policy recommendations to help these women, including raising the minimum wage and providing more childcare support.

Guest: Misael Galdámez, Research Analyst, UCLA Latino Policy and Politics Initiative, Los Angeles, CA.

Photo: CDC via facebook

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