Extra Edition: Tips for Talking to Youth About Suicide.

Thursday_673x324 11amTHURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 23
PROGRAM # 9389 11:00 AM PDT

Extra Edition: Tips for Talking to Youth About Suicide.

In this repeat program: children and youth have been particularly affected by the pandemic. Their emotional, physical and academic wellbeing has been hit after isolation and remote learning. As they go back to school and readjust to in-person learning, many may feel under unbearable mental health stress. Since suicide rates are on the rise, experts reach out to parents to help them learn to detect warning signs. How serious is this crisis? How to communicate with the kids in trouble? Where to get help? This talk is in coincidence with World Suicide Prevention Day.

Guests: Rosio Pedroso, Suicide Prevention Expert, Know the Signs Campaign, Los Angeles, CA; Angela Mora-Vargas, Assistant Vice President of Programs, Vibrant Emotional Health, Bronx, NY. Todo 

Photo: ahealthiermichigan.org

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