Extra Edition: Kidney Care for Everyone. (Program Repeat)

Tuesday_673x324 11amTUESDAY, NOVEMBER 7
PROGRAM # 10181 11:00 AM PT

Extra Edition: Kidney Care for Everyone. (Program Repeat)

Despite being the most at risk of dying and facing more challenges due to chronic kidney disease, Latinos and Blacks do not have the same access to kidney care and kidney transplants that are available to them. In response, a national kidney advocacy organization is reaching out to Latino communities to promote kidney exams and treatments, and is launching a campaign to promote public policies that provide equity in kidney care. This archival program was originally aired on October 11, 2023.

Guest: Dr. Sylvia Rosas, Nephrologist and Epidemiologist, National President, National Kidney Foundation, Boston, MA.

Photo: Robina Weermeijeer via Unsplash

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