On Math, Music and Social Change: A Program Repeat.

Wednesday_673x324WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 22
PROGRAM # 9479 12:00 PM PDT

On Math, Music and Social Change: A Program Repeat.

A Colombian mathematician and DJ who researches combinatorics, a new area of mathematics that is highly utilized in physics and computer science, was honored as an “Emerging Scholar” in the US. He teaches an innovative online math course to students at SF State, UC Berkeley, and Universidad de los Andes in Colombia, where he has created a new culture and welcoming environment for women and students of color to learn math. In this conversation, the scientist and educator talks about his creative approach to the teaching of math. “If math is an arid subject is not so much because it is – it has to do with the way it’s taught.”

Guest: Federico Ardila, Professor, San Francisco State University, Oakland, CA.

Photo: summitcom.org

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