Coronavirus: Latest Update.

Monday_673x324(4)MONDAY, APRIL 20
PROGRAM # 8859 12:00 PM PT

Coronavirus: Latest Update.

COVID-19 is hitting Latinos the hardest in New York City, the epicenter of the pandemic, and is taking a huge toll on Latinos in other regions of the country, and even so, they are the ones that receive the least emergency help. Correspondents file reports from the hotspots of the pandemic. In New York, the City hardens its sanctions against those who break the rules of social distance and protective masks, chastises the lack of support from the federal government, and creates an emergency aid fund for undocumented workers and families. In Georgia and Tennessee, groups show concern because, while the number of infections continues growing, meat plants have not halted operations, even though there has been outbreaks among workers. And in Washington State, the epidemic curve is flattening as dozens of infections are reported in Tyson Foods meat plants and many farmers are not complying with social distancing orders. In addition, while conservative right-wing protesters call for an end to stay-at-home orders and construction businessmen demand a reopening of the economy, Western governors announce they will not reopen their states without first getting the go-ahead from public health officials. On other news, an eminent physician comments on the failures that allowed the explosion of infections in New York, the dramatic situation of immigrants and the elderly, the general state of anxiety and depression, the deaths of medical personnel, the question of when to reopen, and what to do to save Latino lives.

Guests: Dr. Rafael Lantigua, Internist, Vice Dean of Community Services, School of Medicine, Columbia University New York – CUNY, New York, NY; Marco Vinicio González, News Correspondent, New York City, NY; Francisco Ríos, News Director, KDNA, Granger, WA; Gerardo Guzmán, News Director, Hispanic News Service, Atlanta, GA.


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