Strike Team for Covid Hotspot. Also, “Get Out the Count Day.”

Thursday_673x324 12THURSDAY, AUGUST 6
PROGRAM # 8968 12:00 PM PT

Strike Team for Covid Hotspot.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom says he plans to invest 52 million in the Central Valley, an area with the highest Covid infection rate among essential workers. A health official from Fresno County reports about the talks with Newsom’s “strike team” to provide state support for the fight against the spread of coronavirus, the rapid rise of Covid cases, the need for extra beds and personnel in local hospitals, the slow pace of Covid tests and results, the challenges of contact tracing, the first steps to implement “Housing for the Harvest,” the new program that provides temporary housing to farm workers who need a space to self-isolate, and the efforts to get all residents to wear face masks.

Guest: Leticia Berber, Spokesperson for Spanish-language Media, Fresno County Department of Public Health, Fresno, CA.

“Get Out the Count Day.” Today, community census promoters join forces in a statewide campaign to encourage Californians to complete their forms and participate in the census count. Beginning next week, thousands of Census workers will go out making home visits to those who have not yet completed the Census form. An advocate explains the plans for the week, and comments on the Bureau’s decision to cut a month short the door-knocking and data collection works and end counting on September 30.

Guest: Beatriz Valenzuela, Communications Manager, Equality California, Los Angeles, CA.


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