Misuse of Religious Exemptions to Vaccines. Also, Latina Covid Scientist: Nobel Nominee

Thursday_673x324 12THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 17
PROGRAM # 9537 12:00 PM PT

Misuse of Religious Exemptions to Vaccines. Misinformation targeting Christians and other religious groups is going viral on social media. False rumors claiming scientists are using “aborted cell tissue” to produce Covid-19 vaccines are instilling pervasive feelings of vaccine skepticism and hesitancy among millions in the US. An evangelical leader dispels the prevailing false rumors and discusses the abuse of religious exemptions to evade Covid vaccination employer or school mandates.

Guest: Rev. Walter Contreras, Vice President, National Latino Evangelical Coalition – NaLEC, Co-Founder, Alianza Evangelical Latina, Montclair, CA.

Latina Covid Scientist: Nobel Nominee. The Latina scientist who co-created a new vaccine against Covid, comments on recent developments for the Corbevax vaccine and reflects on her nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize. Corbevax is a patent-free, inexpensive vaccine, which is expected to benefit communities in the poorest countries of the world. She also discusses vaccine misinformation.

Guest: Dr. Maria Elena Bottazzi, Microbiologist, Co-Director, Texas Children’s Center for Vaccine Development; Professor and Associate Dean, National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX.

Photo: Gabriella Clare Marino via Unsplash

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