Voters, Election Officials in the Crosshairs.

Wednesday_673x324WEDNESDAY, MAY 3
PROGRAM # 9994 12:00 PM PT

Voters, Election Officials in the Crosshairs.

The Republican-controlled legislature in Florida passed an elections bill that targets community-based voter registration groups with new draconian fines and restrictions. This legislation prohibits legal immigrants, Green Card holders, and people who are in the process of becoming U.S. citizens from helping register voters. In other news, civil rights groups are suing Florida, alleging that the state’s voter registration form is illegal because it fails to tell people with past felony convictions whether they can vote or not. In the confusion, some citizens have been arrested. Finally, a growing number of election officials are leaving the field, after facing death threats, online harassment, abuse, and a campaign of lies. Analysts comment about these news developments.

Photo: Eva Mera Vazquez via Facebook

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