Trump vs Colorado. Gun Reform Turnaround. Latino Voter Numbers: Record High.

Wednesday_673x324WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 21
PROGRAM # 10288 12:00 PM PT

Trump vs Colorado.

The US Supreme Court heard arguments over whether Trump can appear on the ballot in Colorado, after the state’s Supreme Court ruled that the former president violated Section 3 of the 14th Amendment when he incited violence on Jan 6. What are the signals of the court? How is this case impacting the primaries in Colorado?

Guest: Jesús Sánchez Meleán, Executive Director, El Comercio de Colorado Newspaper, Denver, CO.

Gun Reform Turnaround.

A decade ago, Colorado state lawmakers faced a backlash when they proposed background checks for gun buyers and other reforms on the heels of the Aurora and Sandy Hook mass shootings. A decade later, a new generation of Democratic lawmakers is pushing a number of gun-control policies. How are voters receiving the new agenda on firearms? How is this issue playing in electoral debates?

Latino Voter Numbers: Record High.

According to new projections, a growing number of Latino voters are expected to turn out to vote in November in the US. The increased voter block could be the deciding vote in key battleground states. Who are the new voters? What are their concerns? What’s expected for Colorado? What are local leaders doing to meet the new expectations?

Guest: Jorge Hernández, Southern Colorado Regional Organizer, New Era Colorado Foundation and New Era Colorado Action Fund, Colorado Springs and Pueblo, CO.

Photo: Elvert Barnes via Flickr

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