The Truth Behind Jan 6.

Monday_673x324MONDAY, FEBRUARY 21
PROGRAM # 9539 12:00 PM PT

The Truth Behind Jan 6.

The Commission to study the Jan 6 riot at the US Capitol continues issuing subpoenas to political leaders allegedly connected to the failed attempt to overturn the presidential election. The commission seeks to untangle the web of disinformation on the election and a plot of fake Trump electors to subvert the Electoral College, and evaluate the risks of far-right extremists violence in future elections. Reporters talk about the committee’s negotiations with close members of Trump’s inner circle and the latest subpoenas to top Republicans in Arizona and Georgia. They also talk about state laws in Georgia and proposed legislation in Arizona to restrict voting rights that stemmed from the false allegations of a stolen election. Finally, an analyst comments on the dramatic increase of the Latino vote in Georgia in the last four years.

Guests: José López Zamorano, Reporter, Washington, DC; Elvia Diaz, Editor, Phoenix, AZ; Erik Francisco Medina, Communications Manager, Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials – GALEO, Atlanta, GA.

Photo: Colin Lloyd via Unspalsh

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