Texas: Legislative Fugitives. Also, Attempts to Delegitimize Elections.

Monday_673x324MONDAY, JULY 19
PROGRAM # 9321 12:00 PM PDT

Texas: Legislative Fugitives.

Texas Democrats fled the state to protest Republican attempts to pass new laws to restrict the vote in a special session. The Texas group is planning to spend weeks in Washington DC meeting with US Senators in an effort to get national protections to the right to vote. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has threatened to arrest the group. A Democratic lawmaker who staged the walkout explains the controversial Republican voting bill and her lobbying efforts on the nation’s Capitol. A Democratic representative in Austin talks about why he decided to stay behind and talks about the work in the legislature in this time of suspended special session.

Guests: Rep. Ana-Maria Ramos, D-Dallas, House District 102, Washington, DC;  Rep. Eddie Morales Jr, D-Eagle Pass, House District 74, Austin, TX.

Attempts to Delegitimize Elections. 

A US House committee is launching an investigation into the months-long Arizona election audit, asking the controversial cyber-company behind the audit to turn over key documents. Republicans in the Arizona state Senate approved the audit against Maricopa County despite previous recounts. On another topic, a US Senate committee traveled to Atlanta to hold today its first field hearing in twenty years. The session, which included the testimony of a Latino voter, focused on the recent voting law in Georgia and pushed for voting rights bills pending in Congress.

Guest: Gerardo Guzmán, News Director, Hispanic News Service, Atlanta, GA; Elvia Diaz, Editor, Phoenix, AZ

Photo: Sophie Park/texastribune.org

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