US-El Salvador Diplomatic Tensions. The Meaning of the Guilty Verdict. Intimate Partner Violence.

Monday_673x324MONDAY, NOVEMBER 29
PROGRAM # 9455 12:00 PM PDT

US-El Salvador Diplomatic Tensions.

The US embassy in El Salvador announced that relations with the Salvadoran government of Nayib Bukele are now on hold after the lack of interest to improve the dialogue with the US. The highest US diplomatic representative in El Salvador is leaving the country in what observers call the worst crisis in the history of US-El Salvador relations. Because of his ruling style, Bukele has been called the Donald Trump of Central America. What’s behind the tensions with the Biden administration? What’s ahead in this conflict?

Guest: Leonel Herrera, President, ARPAS Community Radio Network, San Salvador, ES.

The Meaning of the Guilty Verdict.

A jury in Georgia has found three white men guilty of murder on all counts in the death of Ahmaud Arbery, a Black man, a killing that sparked national protests and a landmark case that raised questions about race and justice. A journalist provides highlights of controversial moments in the trial and reports on reactions from legal analysts and civil rights leaders.

Guest: Gerardo Guzman, Reporter, Hispanic News Service, Atlanta, GA.

Intimate Partner Violence. In Texas, civil rights leaders are calling for independent investigations into the deaths of a Latina mother and a Latina high school student in two different towns. They see these tragic incidents as the latest in a growing trend involving domestic violence against women, a trend that is worsening because of the pandemic and the lack of action by law enforcement agencies.

Guest: Isidro Garza Jr, Community Organizer, LULAC, Houston, TX


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