Electoral College Casts Votes. Also, Early Voting in Georgia US Senate Runoffs.

Monday_673x324MONDAY, DECEMBER 14
PROGRAM # 9116 12:00 PM PST

Electoral College Casts Votes.

All 50 states and DC have certified their presidential election results and the members of the Electoral College meet today to choose the president. Meantime, the US Supreme Court dismissed a legal challenge by Trump and Texas to invalidate millions of votes and overturn the election results. Still, what does it say that a majority of Republicans in the US House and a number of Republican state Attorneys General joined the push to overturn the election?

Guests: TBA.

Early Voting in Georgia US Senate Runoffs. Georgia voters go to the polls as early voting for two high profile US Senate races begin today. This runoff election will determine control of the US senate. This is a report on voter turnout, the new challenges for voters and the stakes in both contests.

Guest: Gerardo Guzmán, News Director, Hispanic News Service, Atlanta, GA.

Photo: JMU Civic & Dukes Vote/Facebook

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