California Secretary Alex Padilla. Health Centers Become Voter Centers. Texas Governor Closes Ballot Drop Off Sites.

Wednesday_673x324 12(1)WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 7
PROGRAM #9032 12:00 PM PT

California Secretary Alex Padilla.

As early voting begins in California, Secretary of State Alex Padilla discusses the new voting by mail service, the “Where’s My Ballot” system, and the safety measures for in-person voting. He also comments on California’s final efforts to get people counted after a judge ordered the Census Bureau to continue counting until Oct 31. And as nearly five million have already voted nationwide, this segment also includes news about the beginning of the vote by mail in Arizona and New Mexico for the presidential election, and the extension of the voter registration deadline in Arizona.

Guest: Alex Padilla, California Secretary of State, Los Angeles, CA.

Health Centers Become Voter Centers. Under the theme “My Vote, My Health,” and the notion that civic participation and voting is good for the health of democracy and citizens, community clinics in Southern California open their reception areas to help people register to vote and learn about the issues in their ballots.

Guest: Dr. Ilan Shapiro, Medical Director of Health and Wellness Education, AltaMed Health Services, Los Angeles, CA.

Texas Governor Closes Ballot Drop Off Sites. Voting rights groups sued Texas Gov. Greg Abbot over his order to close off drop off locations for completed mail-in ballots, leaving only one per county. This will make voting harder and civil rights lawyers are calling it a tactic of vote suppression. The leader of a major Latino group spearheading one lawsuit joins this program and comments on the multiple restrictions to voting rights initiated by Republican officials in the weeks ahead of the November election.

Guest: Domingo Garcia, National President, LULAC, Dallas, TX

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