Gun Violence Escalates. Also, Powerful Gun Lobbyists Duped.

Monday_673x324MONDAY, JUNE 28
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Gun Violence Escalates.

Deaths from gun violence in the US reached their highest levels in decades. The number of people who own guns escalated during the pandemic and so did the deaths. It was the worst year in the last two decades. And this year may be even more deadly. Blacks and Latinos are the most affected by gun violence. Who is benefitting? How to stop the carnage? A gun control advocate talks about the need to invest in community programs to prevent violence and the need to require background checks on all gun purchases.

Guest: Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, Former US Congressmember, Senior Advisor, Giffords Group, Miami, FL.

Powerful Gun Lobbyists Duped. A former president of the NRA, and an influential arms lobbyist gave a pro-gun rights commencement speech before a high school graduation class in Las Vegas. But the three thousand chairs of their student audience were empty, the graduation ceremony was not real, and the high school didn’t exist. These leading figures of the gun lobby were duped into a tragicomic farce. The organizer of the event, father of a student killed in a mass shooting in Parkland, explains the purpose of this stunt.

Guest: Manuel Oliver, Father of Joaquin, Student Killed in 2018 in Parkland High School, Founder of Change the Ref, Parkland, FL.


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