Puerto Rico: Blackouts and Despair.

Monday_673x324MONDAY, MAY 14
PROGRAM # 8328 12:00 PM PT

Puerto Rico: Blackouts and Despair.

After Hurricanes Maria and Irma devastated Puerto Rico, the island suffered the worst blackout in US history. Seven months later, for thousands in Puerto Ricans the lights are still out, and the slow recovery has taken a costly mental health toll for many who suffer trauma and stress. An expert discusses efforts to rebuild the electric grid with solar power and the ongoing debate about privatization of the power company. On another story, California became the first state in the nation to require solar panels in all new homes in an attempt to cut greenhouse emissions.

Guest: Ramón Cruz, Member, Board of Directors, Sierra Club, New York, NY; Commissioner, Energy Regulating Commission, Puerto Rico.

Photo: socialistworker.org

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