Anti-Hate Initiative. Also, Latinos, Gun Violence and Hate.

Thursday_673x324THURSDAY, OCTOBER 10
PROGRAM # 8713 12:00 PM PT

Anti-Hate Initiative.

Hate crimes against Latinos rose significantly, making them the most likely racial or ethnic group to be victims of a violent racially-motivated crime. In response, supervisor Hilda Solís advanced the first anti-hate initiative in Angeles County to address the fears and make it easier for local residents to report hate crimes and expedite the County’s action to support the victims. In addition, a local activist talks about his efforts to get the local police to investigate acts of racially-charged vandalism after nearly twenty homes and businesses were painted with swasticas.

Guests: Lion Lyon, Community Activist, San Pedro, CA; Robin Toma, Executive Director, Los Angeles County Human Relations Commission, Los Angeles, CA

Latinos, Gun Violence and Hate. Two months after a gunman targeted Mexicans and Latinos in a massacre in El Paso, most Texas Latino voters feel the act of terror personally and are concerned about gun violence motivated by racism and xenophobia. And as more Latinos get energized and are registering to vote, many in Texas feel mass shootings and gun laws will be critical to how they will vote next year.

Guests: Mayra Macías, Executive Director, Latino Victory Project, Washington, DC.


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