Activist Jovita Idar Honored on a US Coin.

Monday_673x324MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 18
PROGRAM # 10131 12:00 PM PT

Activist Jovita Idar Honored on a US Coin.

A new US quarter dollar coin features the image of civil rights trailblazer Jovita Idar. Born in Laredo, Texas, the Mexican-American educator was better known as a journalist and community activist who championed bilingual education and immigrant and women’s rights at a time of rampant racist and misogynistic policies. Who was Jovita Idar? What’s her impact on journalism, education and border communities? How current are the narratives and issues that Idar fought against? This program is part of a special series in celebration of National Latino Heritage Month.

Guests: Sonia Hernández, Professor and Chancellor, EDGES Fellow, History Department, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX; Karla Camacho, Program Manager, Mexican American Civil Rights Institute – MACRI, San Antonio, TX; Dr. José Luis Benavides, Professor, Journalism Department, and Director, Tom and Ethel Bradley Center, California State University Northridge – CSUN, Northridge, CA.

Photo: United States Mint via Facebook

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